Building Dreams and Realty

INHOUSE PROJECTS INDIA PVT LTD is a new-age developer and builder with a foundation set firmly in your dreams. Our concrete belief in giving you value on every deal and service translates into Quality and Affordability.Regardless of where you presently reside – India or overseas – you can look forward to living in world-class villas and apartments in properties amidst breathtaking surroundings in any part of Kerala that your heart longs for.We consider you our family, so feel free to consult us on any matter – our in-depth expertise in local realty trends is at your disposal.Apart from practising global safety standards, our technical know-how is put to good use by building paved paths that connect you with the towns and cities around you. Since 2001, we, at INHOUSE Projects, have been receiving global acclaim for our sophisticated services and unmatched consistency in growth. With a goal to build apartments in key locations in Kochi, we believe in upholding our investors’ trust, a vital component of real estate.

Our core values include

  • Innovation
  • Performance
  • Sustainability

We know you in and out, which makes us a sought-after consultation concern in the realty and construction sector. Our presence is strongly felt throughout every phase – planning, hand-over and maintenance. So when you walk on a freshly rolled carpet in your new dream home, you will get a glimpse of our excellence and success which stem from such attention to detail. So feel free while living in the sheltered environs of your new home, and indulge in top-notch facilities installed just for you.

OUR mission

Our mission is to provide value propositions to our customers through delivery of quality products and services at affordable price and thereby creating an everlasting association with our customers. Maintaining relationships with customers based on the foundations of trust, integrity and transparency.



Our Vision is to create world class living environment with unmatched quality of life for people who inhabit them and that fit to their hearts desire and imagination. We are committed to provide broad spectrum of construction solutions by adopting suitable technologies for ensuring qualitative work and timely delivery of projects, meeting and exceeding customer needs and expectations through continual improvements and contributing to the overall welfare of the society.


INHOUSE Group – The saga of success

INHOUSE Group, head and led by its enterprising promoter, Mr. Saju M.T., whose untiring efforts and astute business acumen is the main ingredient on the recipe of success for the group. He is ably assisted by a professional management team started its operation in 2001 by identifying the need to cater to the different tastes and choices of customers. Live in a home where you can live life to the fullest. Where you can shelter your loved ones in the style they deserve. INHOUSE focuses on creating super luxury Villas premium apartments, posh Villa Plots which offer quality living at the best locations possible. Committed to excellence and craftsmanship, we focus meticulously on every detail of the client’s needs. Our projects are situated in prime locations and peaceful surroundings, with all the enjoyments of city life. We bring designs to life and turns dream into reality. We delight in catering to the special needs of our clients. And through it all, our aim is to give each of our clients the best value for their money. We invite you to join our ever-growing community of satisfied customers. INHOUSE was established its operation with property development as its main focus. We are known to be a professionally managed organization with a stable and confident business model. INHOUSE has created a brand name that stands for trust across our entire clients.


Our titles and approvals are open for you to scrutinise. We will be transparent to you in every communication of ours. All our properties are built on the foundation of transparency.


We use the best material for the price band we sell. We declare all our building specifications and would not deviate from that.


We adhere to commitments, legal guidelines and schedules. We don't want our buyers to be caught unaware when they are dealing with us.

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